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Rebate Increase!

Burbank Water & Power has increased their rebate to $3/square foot!

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Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Southern California is in a drought emergency; every drop of water counts. The city of Burbank has launched a series of water conservation efforts including: turf removal rebates. Right now, Burbank residents and businesses are being offered cash incentives to replace their lawn with a drought tolerant landscape. NOW is the perfect time to upgrade your yard into a low-maintenance, low-water paradise, while doing your part to save water!

Not only do drought-tolerant landscapes save homeowners money on their water bill, but Burbank has increased their turf replacement rebate offer to $3 per square foot!

For nearly two-decades, KB5 Landscape Design has helped homeowners convert their turf/lawn into drought resistant gardens. We know the turf-removal rebate programs and requirements set out by BWP and will assist you with the application and approval process. You’ll not only get the maximum rebate possible, but you’ll also get to enjoy your new professionally designed, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly landscape.

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A Beautiful Drought-friendly Yard

Sometimes Burbank homeowners worry that “lawn replacement” or “turf removal” means you end up with a pile of gravel and a cactus or two. With KB5’s professional and experience drought-tolerant landscape design, we don’t tear out your lawn, we transform your yard into the modern, updated space you’ve always wanted.

Lawn alternative garden showcasing color, texture, and hardscape

Grass Alternatives

Professionally designed eco-friendly yards focus on color, spacing, height, and plant variety to create a cohesive landscape. Your drought tolerant yard will be an updated and upscale space that matches the style of your home.

Modern hardscape backyard improvements

Hardscaping Features

Many clients use turf rebate programs as an opportunity to upgrade their home with modern hardscape improvements such as: updated fencing, decking, paths, gazebos, stone pathways, and fire pits. The result is a low-maintenance landscape and a space where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy!

Drought tolerant herb garden in eco-friendly landscape

Native Plant Selection

Through careful selection and strategic placement, we create landscapes that thrive in Burbank's drought conditions. We choose climate-specific and California native plants whose size, shape, color play a part in a cohesive, professional landscape design.

"We called KB5 Designs based on reviews we read and we are so glad we did. Ed came out and listened to what we wanted and the concerns we had. He measured the yard so we could start our rebate process. Once we were approved he and his wife kept us informed on when he could schedule us in. He showed us his design intentions which we loved! We were lucky to have our project completed quickly. He and the crew he contracted to do the demo/prep/irrigation were knowledgeable and worked efficiently. Our new front yard is beautiful!"

Joanna P.

About turf removal rebate programs

The California drought is serious, and the city of Burbank is finding ways to encourage water conservation. Keep grass green takes a LOT of water, and so BWP & SoCal Water Smart are offering rebates for Burbank residents to remove and replace their lawn with drought tolerant plants, irrigation, and landscaping. 

Receiving a cash-for-grass rebate requires an application process and your new landscape has to meet certain criteria.
KB5 Landscape Design would be delighted to help you apply & comply with the Burbank Turf Replacement Rebate program!

KB5 Design Rebate Services

What We Do
  • Measure your property for your rebate application to maximize the benefits
  • Design a custom garden that matches the style of your home
  • Assist with the application process for your local municipality to get you the max rebate!
  • Included you in plant selection and incorporate your vision
  • Manage our licensed contractor with the installation of your new Eco-Friendly landscape

"Thank you, KB5 DESIGNS for turning our back yard into exactly what we wanted! KB5 is the BEST, and Ed knows his stuff!!! He helped us design our yard, was patient and walked us through what would work, what might not, and everything in between. He's passionate about plants, and it shows."

Susan's newly landscaped garden planter

Susan C.

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Lawn Replacement Gallery

Over the past two decades, there has been a dramatic increase in water conservation efforts. KB5 is doing our part by designing eco-friendly yards that reflect the need to be water wise for both Burbank residents and business.

Take a look at our turf lawn replacement portfolio for Burbank and its surrounding Southern California communities!

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Save Water. Save Money.

Every yard is unique, and a turf removal rebate project has various qualifications and requirements.  If you want to know if your yard qualifies for a turf removal rebate, or to discuss your vision of a low-maintenance, drought tolerant yard transform…reach out to us and we’d be happy to schedule your  FREE consultation.